Stick 'n Step, The Durable, Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Safety Tread. Prevent slips and falls with Stick 'n Step.

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Origin of Stick 'n Step
Stick 'n Step was originally invented by an individual engineer in his garage in Moore Oklahoma. The inventor was looking for a way to solve his slippery step problem because he was unhappy with the results from the store bought products. He tried the current selection of anti-slip tape and strips but none of them worked well enough for his liking. So he went out into his garage, and after numerous failures, came up with the current Stick 'n Step formula.

Stick 'n Step Today
Stick 'n Step is still the same heavy duty dependable and durable product that was invented in the garage in Moore, Oklahoma.  Today, Stick 'n Step is manufactured with high standards at a modern facility to insure quality control.  Our customers always receive a high quality product that will last for years.

Stick 'n Step The Durable, Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Safety Tread:

  • Provides year-round protection for wet, icy or hazardous surfaces
  • Adheres to concrete, wood, metal and fiberglass
  • Is easy to install, you just peel and stick

Stick 'n Step comes in 2 sizes:
  • Standard Treads (2 ¾” x 14”)         
  • Large Treads (4” x 16”)

and 4 colors:
  • Black  
  • Gray   
  • Natural
  • Yellow

Stick ‘n Step Patent Number 7,191,568