The key benefits of Stick 'n Step. Prevent slips and falls with Stick 'n Step. Stick 'n Step is easy to use, improves safety, is long lasting and works on multiple surfaces. You receive a total anti slip kit and it is easily returned.

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Prevent Slips and Falls

Benefit #1
Easy To Use

Applying Stick 'n Step is quick and simple. It only takes seconds to apply Stick 'n Step.

Stick N Step Easy to Use

benefit #2
Long Lasting

Stick 'n Step is built to last. It is not like many store bought anti-skid tapes. It won’t peel away from the surface because of harsh weather or rough use.

benefit #3
Works on Multiple Surfaces

Stick 'n Step adheres to concrete, wood, metal and fiberglass.

benefit #4

Stick 'n Step helps prevents slips and falls. Stop worrying about making your way down the porch steps or stepping inside your RV. Stick 'n Step gets the job done!

benefit #5
Multiple Sizes & Colors

Stick 'n Step comes in 2 different sizes and 4 different colors. There is a size and color to fit all your Stick 'n Step needs.

benefit #6
Satisfied Customer

We are confident in our product. If you are unhappy with Stick 'n Step you can return it.